Full Day, unlimited hours for $1900

In addition to your wedding photography, here are the complimentary services we include with your wedding package:

Engagement session - taken in studio, on location, or combination of both. A special care is taken to give you a great set of photos to look back upon when the big day arrives, as well as something to slip into the invitation.

Digital Media - in addition, you will also get all pictures taken during your wedding day on a DVD so that you may reprint even more pictures if you choose to do so. Each picture is inspected and corrected if need be so that you get nothing but the best quality. You have FULL RIGHTS to use and reprint the photos as you wish

Order Web site so that your family and friends can order photos from your wedding.

* Wedding Albums available starting at $500

While we’d love to please everyone, the fact is that not everyone parties all night long. We also offer a 4 hour coverage for $1100. This includes all of the above, just a little less time together ( Yes, you still get the engagement session)